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7 Tips for Exciting Kitchen Renovations Ottawa: Part 2

7 Tips for Exciting Kitchen Renovations Ottawa: Part 2

Welcome to the second part of our blog on kitchen renovations. Last time we looked at some of the broader planning process. This time, we’re going to focus in a little.

6. Key Elements

Here’s a list of the main things you’ll need to consider:

  • Layout:
    • Walls and windows: will you want to enlarge your space by knocking out a wall, to create the option of an open kitchen family area? This allows you to keep an eye on small children while you cook. On the other hand, all the kitchen preparation mess can be seen by company over for a meal
    • Do you have the “kitchen triangle” in your design? The most efficient kitchen spaces have a triangle between oven, refrigerator and sink that is no more than 7.9 meters (26 feet) in length when all the arms of the triangle are added together. This can affect where the workspaces, appliances, plumbing and electrical outlets should be placed.
    • Do you want or need an island? Do you want it for just chopping, or do you need storage and a sink as well? Do you have space? Would a portable island work better?
  • Paint: Make sure you have a finish that stands up to grease, humidity, and is easy to clean.
  • Countertops: There are many varieties in both natural stone and manmade materials. Consider how you use them, and how much durability you need. This is usually more important in the long run than style or colour.
  • Faucets and sinks: There are countless varieties and finishes. You’ll want to coordinate this purchase with your countertops.
  • Cabinets: Do you just want to paint the existing doors, change the hardware, or the doors, or do you want to replace them entirely? If so, do you want more storage space for oddly shaped items such as brooms, or a pantry? Or more storage space in general?
  • Appliances: If your layout changes, you may need to replace some of these, so that doors don’t open in the way of each other, or appliances don’t protrude beyond counters. On the other hand, appliances may be easily replaceable at another time if your plan uses standard sizing.
  • Lighting: There are many varieties: ceiling lighting, pot lighting, bright for working or dim for atmosphere. This can be an area to save money, so long as you get the light you most need.
  • Flooring: Again, there are a wide range of materials from laminate, ceramic tiles, synthetic tiles, one-sheet flooring, wood, cork, heated or unheated. For a kitchen, whatever flooring you get needs to be water and stain resistant, durable, and easy to clean.

7. Resale Value

If resale value is the main reason for your renovation, here are a few things to help you get your maximum ROI.

  • Trends are just that, trendy. They don’t last, and you likely won’t renovate often so classic design and durability are important in finishes.
  • The kitchen needs to match the rest of the house in terms of style (classic, contemporary modern, French country etc.) and expense. An ultra-modern, top-of-the-line fancy kitchen will stick out in an odd fashion if the rest of the home is is modest or older, and reduce your ROI.
  • Don’t use too many different finishes in one space. It can be jarring
  • Neutral cabinet colours last longest in terms of fashion, and are most appealing to potential buyers, who may be turned off by strong colours not to their taste.  Neutrals allow people to imagine their own belongings in a space.
  • If you want to add more individual touches to a classic renovation, do it with easily changed, less expensive items. Some examples: quirky cabinet handles, furniture with unexpected jolts of colour, an accent wall painted in a dramatic hue, or art work.

A kitchen renovation can be a lot of work with many decisions about style, use, and cost. But the updated, stylish, and functional result can be well worth it on many levels. Whether you are considering a partial or complete renovation, consider involving professional home renovation contractors to make it go as smoothly as possible at all stages.

Happy Renovating!

What the Ottawa renovation professionals at McArthur Construction can do for you:

We can assist with:

  • Free evaluations and estimates for renovation services
  • Building permit applications and inspections
  • Design suggestions
  • Coordination of electrical and plumbing services
  • Flooring, walls, cabinetry, countertops, lighting, sink and hardware installation. repair, installation, and base boards
  • Walls (drywall installation, plastering, sanding, and painting)
  • And much more.

Ready to create a beautiful, efficient and modern kitchen?  Let us help.  For more information, please contact us.

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