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9 Tips for Rooftop Christmas Light Installation

9 Tips for Rooftop Christmas Light Installation

Many people put up exterior holiday lighting during the festive season. Here are a few tips to make rooftop lighting easier. 

  1. Measure the distances along the roof before you buy your lights so you know how many strands you want to buy. Also measure the distance to the power source so you know whether your extension cords are sufficiently long.
  2. Purchase lights and extension cords suitable for outdoor use. Indoor ones will not be safe. Make sure extension cords are UL approved.
  3. Make sure you have the right clips for the job. Instead of drilling screws or stapling, consider clips. There are many varieties: clips for brick surfaces, gutter clips, different shingle clips for wood, asphalt, and clay shingles, roof ridge row clips, clips for trees and shrubs, and magnetic clips for flat surfaces such as siding.
  4. Untangle and line up lights, check clips and cords, and test lights on the ground before installation. It is easier to change bulbs and fuses there. Also check cords for signs of wear, damage, or fraying on insulation. Such cords are safety hazards.
  5. Secure your extension cord using a zip tie on one of the gutter brackets. This prevents a falling cord from dragging all your lights down. Make sure the connection plug is up out of the gutter in case of precipitation by propping it up with non-flammable object like a stone or brick. 
  6. Point lights up towards the sky for extra brightness. 
  7. Use a timer. You won’t have to worry about your lights going on, or forgetting to turn them off. You also won’t have to go out on a cold, stormy night to do either.
  8. Keep your shingle and gutter clips on your lights when you take them down at the end of the season so you don’t have to put them back on the string next year.
  9. Safety First: Always work with a second person around when using a ladder, even if your lights do not require you to actually go up on the roof. Never place ladders on icy or slippery surfaces.


If your design does require you to go up on the roof, consider hiring an Ottawa Roofing Company. Winter winds, snow, and icy conditions make safety a priority at this time of year. At McArthur Construction, we can assist you with Christmas light installation and removal both on your building and your landscape. Please contact us to let us know how we can assist you.

Get your FREE Christmas light installation estimate from the roofing experts at McArthur Construction!

Happy Roofing!

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