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Dealing with Rooftop Santa-Related Problems....

Dealing with Rooftop Santa-Related Problems....

Kringle Krunch

One of the seldom discussed Ottawa roofing problems with the Holiday Season is sleigh and reindeer damage, otherwise known as Kringle Krunch. Those homes receiving visits from Santa Claus on December 25 may, on rare occasions, fall victim to: 

  • shingle damage from sleigh runners and sharp, pointy hooves, 
  • chimney cracks and other breakage from the force of Santa’s magical entrance to the home interior,
  • gutter misalignment from a poorly aimed landing, and, 
  • messy hay and oat remnants and other animal debris from when the reindeer take a well-earned snack break.  

Most of the time, Santa’s accompanying elves use magical construction dust to repair any damage as they fly away. This is in much the same way as they use magic to hide any other traces of Santa’s visit. However, in exceptional circumstances, they may run out of dust.

We here at McArthur Construction have been authorized by Santa to provide a free service to help all who may experience these Kringle-related problems. 


A Special Roofing Relationship

Because the staff at McArthur Construction are so good, and have been on Santa’s nice list for so long, we were well known to him when he had his own roofing crisis. One winter, Shingles, who is Santa’s elf in charge of the North Pole workshop roofs, fell ill with, (yes, you guessed it), shingles. It had already been a winter of fierce winds and fearsome blizzards.

The old roof was just barely holding up. Shingles’ assistants, Soffits and his sister, Fascia, had used up most of the dust just keeping the workshop together before the big day. It would be a calamity if a roof collapsed and ruined all the toys, not to mention the horrid possibility of elf injury.

Shingles, Fascia, and Soffits knew they would need all their remaining dust for Santa’s visits, so they called in McArthur Construction to fix the workshop roofs. Which we did. We could brag about it, but let’s just say it was a job well done. Even Santa said so.

“McArthur Construction saved our roofs and so, saved Christmas. They even handled the magical journey to and from the North Pole like pros. It was a job well done.”

-Santa Claus /Kris Kringle /St. Nicholas


Sharing The Season’s Warmth

In repayment, besides lots of cookies and happy hearts, Santa gave us special magic words that could be used to repair Kringle Krunch wherever we might see it. We use this routinely when removing Christmas light installations.

But since we don’t get to see every roof in Ottawa, and we never know when Shingles’ dust will run out, we have decided to share it with everyone so they can use it themselves post-Santa. 

Steps for Repairing Kringle Krunch:

  1. Stand looking towards your roof, or if indoors, at your ceiling.
  2. Concentrate on cheerful Santa thoughts of joy and wonder.
  3. Say silently, or in a whisper, or even a shout, “Happy Holidays!” 

This always works. If you think it hasn’t (for example, if what you think might be shingle-shaped reindeer debris has blown down onto your lawn, and it didn’t vanish with the magic words), do call McArthur Construction for a free evaluation of what the real problem might be.

We here at McArthur Construction, your Ottawa roofing and construction professionals, wish you and yours the most wondrous of Holiday Seasons, and a joyous, cozy New Year!


Happy Holidays!


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