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10 Tips for Interior Home Maintenance

10 Tips for Interior Home Maintenance

It’s still too early for gardening, the exterior holiday lights have been put away, and your roofing and basement are all in excellent shape. What can you do inside to keep your home looking and functioning great? How about some maintenance on your home’s interior? 

There are a variety of relatively small tasks that the average home dweller can do themselves, either during a weekend marathon or in small chunks whenever you have a little spare time.

However, not everyone wants to or can do this regular upkeep. If that sounds like you, consider contacting McArthur Construction for your Home Renovations in Ottawa and see what we can offer.


Simple Home Maintenance Tips


1. Clean your ducts

Check your heating ducts for dust and animal hair, and remove large amounts. If your ducts have not been professionally cleaned for a while, book a cleaning with a professional service – not one that calls you up with an untraceable phone number. Check reviews, and then, you contact them, not vice versa.

2. Inspect furnace filters

Depending on the kind of furnace filters you use, either clean or replace your filters on a regular basis. This means at least every 90 days, and more often if you have pets or allergies. Turn off your furnace first. If you see a lot of hair or dust around the filter opening, vacuum around the furnace and inside the filter opening before replacing the filter.

3. Protect your entryways

Tracked-in ice and snow can cause moisture damage to your floors. Grit, sand, and heavy-treaded boots can scratch up finishes.  Repair current damage, then prevent future damage by using mats at entryways both inside and out. Provide nearby waterproof trays and brushes for footwear.

4. Inspect smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Check batteries on a regular basis and change as necessary.

5. Check and clean appliances

  • Vacuum fridge and icemaker condenser coils, as well as the screen of your oven’s range hood. Your appliances’ manufacturer provides instructions on inspection and maintenance. Check your owner’s manuals from the time of purchase, or the company’s website.
  • Replace old appliances as necessary with energy-efficient ones. It’s better for the earth and better for your bank account.

6. Inspect window screens

If you have the kind of screens that are removed in winter and stored, now is a good time to repair any rips or looseness. Otherwise, make a note to do repairs in spring.

7. Showerheads & faucets

Inspect and remove deposits from showerheads, and faucet aerators and screens: (both bathroom and kitchen faucets). Rust and mineral deposits can decrease water pressure, resulting in less efficiency, and sometimes lead to spraying.

  • Faucets: remove the aerator and screen by unscrewing, usually by hand, then disassemble (making sure to note how they fit together so you can put them back). Soak briefly in white vinegar if there are lots of deposits, then brush with a toothbrush, rinse, and reassemble. Be sure to flush out the faucet before returning the aerator, so any backed-up deposits are removed.
  • Shower heads: just soak these in vinegar. Either unscrew them and soak in a bowl, or put a plastic bag filled with vinegar over the whole head, and tie it to the shower head arm. Then remove the bag after a day or two and rinse full force.

8. Touch up caulking and weather stripping

  • Inspect the caulking on bath tubs, showers, sinks, and back splashes twice a year, and repair as needed.
  • Check and repair weather stripping around exterior doors, windows and vents to the outside.

9. Maintain all interior doors

  • Clean your doors using the appropriate cleanser for their finish (e.g. a diluted mild cleansing product. Avoid harsh cleansers like ammonia or bleach). Test on a small, hidden portion of the door first.
  • Wooden doors can then be polished or waxed for sheen.
  • Clean bathroom doors using a cloth dampened in diluted vinegar to wipe off mold and mildew to prevent it gaining a foothold.
  • Inspect and repair minor chips or scuffs.
  • Lubricate/oil hinges.

10. Touch up mouldings

Inspect baseboards, mouldings and casings. Remove dust from the edges, and repair minor chips or scuffs. Touch up with paint as needed. Or consider repainting in a different colour to really brighten things up. See next month’s blog “A Change of Colour” for ideas!


What the Ottawa home renovation professionals at McArthur Construction can do for you. Free evaluations and estimates for:


Contact us for more information on how we can help with your home renovations. It would be our pleasure to assist you!

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