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Tips for Basement Renovation Series

Tips for Basement Renovation Series

Have you ever noticed how much more dark and more dismal a basement can seem during the winter months? Winter is an excellent time to renovate it. Contractors and renovation professionals are not doing outdoor renovations and so have time for interior work. As well, you could probably use more functional living space when the outdoors is less inviting. A renovation can supply this space. 


Why Renovate Your Basement?

  • Finishing a basement generally costs less than building an addition. 
  • Local zoning ordinances may prevent you from building up or out on your property, so refinishing or renovating your basement may be the answer to your space needs.
  • The extra living space makes your home more useful and comfortable.
  • The remodel can provide you with work and/or living areas that are more private and quiet.
  • More usable square footage makes your home more attractive for prospective buyers.
  • The increased value of your home means you might recover 75% (on average) of your renovation costs.
  • Depending on your basement and property, a walkout basement may be possible, giving you an extra exit and increased access to your property.
  • It gives you the opportunity to make repairs and bring elements up to code, making your home safer and healthier.

Basements may also sneak by in terms of needed repairs, given that sometimes they are the least used area of the house and, in the case of unfinished basements, so utilitarian. They become a place to store sports equipment and all those boxes from the last move that you never got around to unpacking. But basements hold many key areas which are important for the functioning of the entire building, including the furnace, hot water heater, air conditioner, central vacuum, electrical circuitry, internal and external water shut offs. If there are any foundation problems, the basement is where they will show up first. Repair and renovation go hand in hand. In the next couple of blogs we will look at this two-part process.

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